Where does it all lead? What will become of us? These were our young questions, and young answers were revealed. It leads to each other. We become ourselves.
— Patti Smith, Just Kids

Guardia Perticara, Italy

This is a tribute to some of the most extraordinary people I had the opportunity to meet in Italy at the CinemadaMare Film Festival. Life is strange, situations are strange and, ultimately, people are strange. Enjoy the normalcy.

San Benedetto del Tronto, Italy

Dedicated to all of our friends new and old from CDM... and all those exposed to the come down after the bubble pops.

Maratea, Italy

This film is a collaboration amongst many different creative filmmakers and their cameras including the GoPro, iPhone and cannon. It's easy to watch from the bottom, but it takes real nerves to climb to the top and free fall. This film is about letting go... "Don't think, just jump." I'm so grateful for the people I met and the experiences we shared. I hope this film can do some justice to the moment of letting go and embracing the fall. Peace, love and cinema.

San Benedetto del Tronto

This film was directed by Brandi Gowan from the USA. The concept was developed after seeing so many different people from all over the world come together for one like cause- cinema. We've learned to live together, adapt together and ultimately endure together here, during CinemadaMare. In this chaotic and haphazard world we live in, we must coexist in order to survive.

Terracina, Italy

Created from start to finish in less than a day, Circe was filmed as part of CinemadaMare 2014. The story was inspired, in part, by the myth of Homer's Odyssey. Terracina is, according to myth and legend, where the witch-goddess, Circe, enchanted Odysseus. It was Terracina where he is thought to have spent a year from home.

*Circe won Best Visual and Camera Work in the Weekly Competition of CinemadaMare 2014 (Week 3 - Terracina).

Nova Siri, Italy

Week 8 of CinemadaMare 2014 in the city of Nova Siri.
A fun film to have work on. Good crew, good story and great experience for experimentation.

A journalist shows an interest in the death of a psychopath murderer by interviewing the deceased killer's neighbor. But the answers we get aren't always the answers we're looking for.

Maratea, Italy

Another product of CinemadaMare 2014. The first two pages of a ten page script to be filmed to completion in 2015. So this is a kind of trailer.
Quite a bit of fun was had in this four hour shoot. Filmed in RAW on the Blackmagic pocket, colored and edited under pressure.